Chuxiong is a Yi Autonomus Prefecture located in the west part of Yunnan.

Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture is located in the west of Yunnan and about 127 kilometer far from Kunming. It is the right on the halfway from Kunming to Dali by the road transfer. It is one of the well- known birthplace of humanity and a treasure house of ancient living things fossils. The fossils of lama ancient ape of Lufeng about 80 million years ago, Yuanmon Man about 17 million years ago and Lufeng dinosaurs of 1.8 billion years ago were excavated here. Many archaeologists regard Chuxiong as the cradle of humanity and The home of ancient living things.

The main attractions of Chuxiong are: Chuxiong Confucian temple, China Yi Ethnic Group 10-Month Solar Calendar Cultural Park, Yiren Ancient Town, Yuanmou Earth Forest and Lufeng Dinosaur Valley and Wuding Lion Mountain and so on. 

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