Lincang is a prefecture-level city in the south western Yunnan. It is about 598km far from Kunming. This is a important birthpalace of Wa culture and Yunnan Black Tea.

Lincang is located in the southwest of Yunnan. It neighbors Dali in the north, Pu’er in the east and Baoshan in the west. Connected with Myanmar in the southwest. And located between the Lancang River and Nu River.

Lincang belongs to the valley are of western Yunnan and the sub-subtropical low latitude mountain monsoon climate, therefore rich in water resources. It is the important national water and electricity energy base as well as  the world tea produce center. It is one of the original birthplace of Yunnan Black Tea and Pu’er Tea.  

Meanwhile it is the mountainous home of the Wa ethnic minority and was historically seen as too "wild" to be worth settling by neighboring powers, notably British Burma and ancient China. This may have had some connection to the Wa's image as head-hunters.

The most famous attractions of Lincang are including Canyuan Rock painting, Guangyun Temple, Wending Wa Village and Nangunhe nature reserve etc.