Heshun Old Town

Heshun Old Town is situated in 3km southwest of Tengchong city. Heshun in Chinese means harmony and peace. This charming old town is surrounded by a river and built along the slope of a hill with an area of 3km horizontally. Over 600 years ago, the ethic Han-Chinese from inland migrated to here for military presence. Since the special geographic position, 100km away border of west Myanmar. Later, the town got prosperous from international trade business as it was the must-go-through site on the Silk Road. In here, you’ll be mesmerized with many ornamental structures, which include archways, pavilions, lotus ponds, and marble balustrades.

Heshun is a well-preserved town. Old customs and traditions that began even before Ming and Qing dynasties are maintained and are still practiced by villagers. The town boasts of willow trees, luscious green spaces, charming lotus flowers, and smooth-flowing rivers that attract nature lovers, painters, and even film directors. The highlight of the old town include the Heshuan Library which is the largest village-level library in China. It was set up by the overseas Chinese of Henshun in 1924. This library is located in a traditional Chinese courtyard with beautiful garden. It collected more than 10,000 books including many precious ancient books;

The former residence for Ai SiqiAi (1910-1966, China's reputed philosopher) who was born in Heshun Town. And the Museum of Yunnan-Burmese Anti-Japanese War where used to be the form headquarter of Chinese Expeditionary Force when they took Tenghcnog down. This museum is the first one of Anti-Japanese theme museum that was funded and constructed all by local people.

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